Arise and Shine!


What a beautiful day! The Lord woke me up this morning at just the right moment when I turned over in bed toward the window, the sun boldly rose up over the horizon. And when I opened the word a little later it opened to Isa.60. Not the usual reading for most on this day. For years I have been opposed to the untimely traditions of men and preached against the wrongness of them, but I have also been in the wrong. It is right to say that the church has strayed in regards to how they remember the resurrection, mixing with earthly things. But I have not helped in pointing our eyes to the One who arose. My focus has also been on these earthly things…. in opposition to them.​

In Isaiah 60  the Lord shows us that we will no longer be subject to earthly time. Not that the sun and moon will forever go away(Ps 89, 136), but that for us we will not need to be subject to its timing(v 19-20)(Rev 21:23, 22:5), their rising and setting, waxing and waning. The true Son is everlasting Light; there is no waxing and waning with Him.

His time is not April 20 or back in the month of March like last year’s observance of the resurrection. He appointed a day almost two millennia ago, not making his purpose fit into our calendar but making a day to fulfil His purpose.

Basking in the Son today…


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