Ponds and Rivers

My thoughts after reading 2Peter 1…When we truly know the Lord, not just by the mind, then that literally bids or commands our attention to worship Him and give Him all the glory that He deserves and to resolutely boldly pursue His life, and His standard of holiness. There is nothing rapids_from_gorge_toplike being a stagnant pond which is the opposite of being a river of living water. A pond generally has life in it, but if not fed from an outside source of water, life will cease and eventually will dry up. Not a good water source to drink from either, because it can make you sick. Rivers on the other hand are abundant in life, freshness, clean, ever flowing, ever pursuing the ocean or larger body of water, or more living water. Drinking water from a river is usually safe(granted no one is dumping pollution in it) there is no time for yucky stuff to grow in it, it doesn’t take a break from moving. Near the end of a river one would fine rapids, bumpy and rocky. The race to the finish line is picking up speed, easier because we can see our reward ahead, but yet harder from more serious tests we have to pass yet to get there. Like a river, we should be boldly pursuing to attain what the Lord has promised, his ever abundant life for us(the ocean, which never seems to run out of water and life)in His kingdom. I can’t afford to be stagnant. I don’t want to be that fig tree our Lord withered because it produced no fruit. I am a river not a pond, purged from the impurities of sin; not to look back, a river doesn’t look back it keeps going in a forward motion. Oblivious to the things around it that might hinder it. So when it sees the end in sight, it’s start sprinting and falls into the ocean in need of rest, the finish line. I can’t wait til this body can rest in Him for all eternity…


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