Wake Up!!!

Look behind you; take a look at the path you’ve been walking along for so many years. Do you think this path will lead you to the narrow gate, sinner? Think deeply and seriously about your life; what do you think about it? Don’t answer till tonight, while you are lying awake in bed; talk to your own heart while you lie there, and be honest with yourself about your life’s direction. So much life is before you, and there is light shining to show you the way. What a shame it would be to let your own selfish silliness fill your life until you die…

Wake up, untroubled sinners, wake up and rise from the dead–and Christ will give you light. Don’t be satisfied with either sin or righteousness while you lack Jesus Christ. Beg God for light enough to see your own condition. Light is in the Word of God, for it reveals God’s righteousness–so beg for enough light to see. It is a righteousness that Christ completes, God accepts, and it is the only thing that can save the soul from the blow of eternal justice…*
*The Riches of Bunyan by John Bunyan-updated in today’s language by Ellyn Sanna

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